Switch button not translating to TRUE or FALSE on Google Sheet

Switch button not translating to TRUE or FALSE on Google Sheet. I’ve added switches on my layout and triggering/not triggering the switch when adding a dataset leaves the Google Sheet cell empty.

Does it have a visibility condition associated with the switch button data?

Any screenshots? Are you viewing the details of a list item, adding/editing a record, using a form button?

What does your formula look like?

Thanks everyone. I don’t have a formula/visibility condition in the TRUE / FALSE cells, I was under the impression that an active switch would input a TRUE and an inactive switch would input a FALSE on the assigned column.

Here is a screenshot of my layout page with the switches if it helps:

@Mark I just tried this out myself. A switch or checkbox does not return a true/false value on Add. Seems to work on View or Edit. Can anybody else confirm?

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I’ll look into it. Thank you for reporting!


The bug is that adding new edit components to an Add screen won’t take until you change the parent screen. That means the workaround is to do some trivial change in the parent list screen after changing the Add screen, and then undoing the change.

Sorry about this, we’ll fix the problem.


This will be fixed in a few days. Apologies again.


Thanks @Mark!

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