'Switch' advice

Hey all,

Public app (so no unique sessions), anyone know how I can use a switch function and have it go back to off for each user session?

Currently it’s just switching on on / off in the spreadsheet but as it’s an optional toggle I’d like it off to begin with…


There’s a new column type that I noticed in staging the other day. Something like ‘User Specific Data’. I’m not quite clear yet what it does, but I’m hoping it’s to allow users to set a value, unique to them, on a record that’s not user specific. I don’t know if it would require a signed in user or if it’s tied to a specific device. There’s hope there, but I’m not sure if you could get it to automatically reset.

Really do hope that we can get session/device specific values in order to such things as switch/selection/glide calculations.

I don’t want people to sign in

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