Swipe True/False Quiz

I have somehow broken it and will fix tomorrow…

Super simple quiz concept with the swipe feature - Swipe Right for True, Swipe Left for False.
What I can’t figure out is how to reset the values to start the quiz over. I’m sure there must be a way.


Like it :clap:

Something weird - there are 10 items in the list, but the swipe will only show 8 of them - no horses or crocodiles. And those two are not next to each other in the list. I can’t get them to show up in swipe.

Hmm, (sorry for a probably stupid question) have you checked the underlying table or filters to ensure that there are no conditions or erroneous data preventing them being displayed?

I just had a go, and I saw both the horses and crocodiles.
One thing I did notice is that it told me that every answer was incorrect. Possible that I got them all wrong, I guess :slightly_smiling_face:

Re the reset issue - what action is happening with each swipe?


Well, somehow I have now broken it so I’m going to pull it down and figure it out in the morning…

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An expert like you will figure it out in a flash :+1:

Hola @kabookie,

@Robert_Petitto has achieved the reset button on the swipe layout. He explain a little bit here.

I hope that helps.

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Sorry didn’t read the thread in full.

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