End swipe and go back to home screen

Hello All
I am trying to make a Quiz using the Swipe function…
i have some categories - sub category - questions with options (user swipes these)

i need help for 2 things

  1. how to go back to the home screen after Quiz is completed (like after 10 question/ 10 swipes). I can have a submit quiz button - that shows the score and goes back home. But only on the 10th question

  2. How to reset the Swipe function, so that when the user goes to the same category next time, the quiz starts from Question 1

  3. Any possibility i can randomize the quiz questions? (say i have a list of 50 questions, i show 5 first time and then next time some othr random questions pop up) although this is an additional feature.

Kindly help

1.You could create a button with a visibility condition based on a column value that you only set on the last question.

2/3.Swipe is a little tricky. It will follow an initial order, but once the swipe date is set on all rows, then it will always swipe to the card with the oldest swipe date. It’s not really designed to move fowards and backwards through a list in any order except by looking at that swipe date. Resetting that swipe date (which should be a user specific column) on multiple rows becomes really tricky, if not impossible. Unless a user does not sign in and restarts the app, which wipes out all user specific columns. Or they complete all of their swipes so the swipe dates are set on the cards in the correct order.

For these reasons, I’m not a big fan of swipe and how it’s designed to work. There’s hacky ways around it, such setting a filter so only the first card is show, then have the swipe set a value on that first row that sets a relation to the correct row and allows you to set up lookup or single value columns to get the values from the related row into the first row. So you always display the first row on each swipe, but that row retrieves the proper values from the relation and displays them in the card. It’s not easy, and to make it random would would probably take a lot more tricks to make that happen.