Swipe Layout User Experience Tips



Very well thought out, love it.

What a great way to get users to understand the swipe functionality. :+1:

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Agreed! Updating swipe configurations now! haha

Hey @Robert_Petitto

That’s a great way to help users.

One unrelated question: how do you show your phone on the video?

You need a touch screen laptop. Then swiping in the builder isn’t a problem. :wink:


Check this out Santiago!

*Tip: create a 1920x1080 pixel backdrop (Canva, Photoshop, etc.), load Reflector “on top” of the backdrop = make your own Glide app demos! :sunglasses:


So they charge you for something thats already free to use they just make it easier to setup?

I get Reflector through my organization. You can also use any screencasting software and plug in your device via the charging cable…it should recognize it and record the screen.

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I didn’t see it before I posted about the e-book using swipe layout

Amazing btw!

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