Scroll problem on a swipe screen


On my app I have a swipe fonctionality but users can also scroll (and the scroll doesn’t work so easy) So what can I do? I delete the swipe and I replace it by two buttons?
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So do you mean scrolling doesn’t work on swipe cards?

Yeah! but I choose to put two buttons.

Another user was saying the same thing:


Hi Robert!

Thank you for this video reply! Finally I prefer use two buttons. And it’s more engaging. Maybe apps like Tinder uses also buttons no? Try my App and tell me what you think!

Hi Robert,
Sorry to disturb you and your friends here.
I am newbie. I just apply to your vip youtube channel. I visit your youtube membership page and click the perks tab to find the password to enter your glidevip page but I can not see any password. Pls advise.

OK I see it

Glad you found it! Let me know if anything is missing and/or you’d like to see something featured!