Swipe feature please

Any chance to get a swipe feature so we can swipe to different tabs, instead of selecting the tabs at the bottom??


Can you say more about how this works, and give an example of an app that works this way so we can try it?

Hhhhhmmmm. I guess it’s not a thing on apps. I can’t seem to find an example. My first thought is like changing pages when reading a book on your phone, swipe to change pages/tabs, either left or right.

Since it’s not a common thing on apps, it’s not a must. Thanks for following up though.

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The closest example I can think of is swiping left and right through Lists on the Twitter mobile app.

Like the Flipboard ios and android app swipe left or right to navigate to other tabs

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Snapchat lets you swipe between tabs. I instinctively wanted to do this with my MyCard app:

That’s an excellent use case as well.