How do I get to the left swipe / right swipe screen from Glide editor?

Swiping in the editor has no effect so I can’t get to the screens.

I am sure it is operator error - but what is the secret decoder ring for emulating swipe in Glide editor?

I am using a MacBook pro.

  1. Make sure you add a user specific date time column to the table you’re sourcing from.
  2. When setting up swipe, choose that column from the “last swiped on” drop down field
  3. You should then be able to swipe left and right by clicking and dragging the cards

Swiping is set up and works on my phone - just not on the computer.

I can’t customize the new screen cause I can’t “click” on it. But I see it (the default view) on my phone

Does that make sense?

My laptop has a touch screen, so it’s easy to swipe just like you would on a phone, but if you don’t have a touch screen, then simply clicking and dragging should have the same effect.

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