Swipe layout is now in Production!

We now have swipe action?

Where…don’t see it?

@Wiz.Wazeer have you refreshed glide? :smirk:



OMG! Thank you my friends for this @Rosewebstudio @erwblo !

I see it now…thank you.!

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The Last Swiped field should point to a user specific date column. It tracks the last card they swiped by writing a timestamp of when it was swiped and (I believe) will return you to the “card” that has the next empty/oldest last swiped value.


Man need a video from you…so its another new layout…but you cant’ go back you guys saying? Okay will test feature later on if no videos coming from you in the meantime.

Right. Swiping left OR right will always navigate to the NEXT card, never the previous one. (Hopefully the ability to navigate in both directions is forthcoming following successful implementation of this new layout).


Okay…so we still have to have recourse to @Manan_Mehta’s version…tx!

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Wonderful layout! Perfect for sequential info browsing.
Just noticed, if the Save Last Swipe is not set, the swipes doesn’t work. But, if I set it to a column, it will overwrite the data inside that column. In order to make it works, I create a new empty column just for that. However, when I finally makes it work, I notice every swipe will count as one additional sheet edit! :scream: It consumes the sheet edits quota really fast. Is it a bug?


Oh? Now that’s a bit counter-intuitive? Especially for a Glide app.

I know. I was super confused the first time I was using it…

If you can put the data in a Glide table instead of a google sheet, then you don’t have to worry about sheet edits.


You can point it to a user-specific column, so it doesn’t consume your sheet edits quota.


So is the “Save Last Swipe” used for if/when someone navigates to another tab or screen that if/when they go back to the Swipe Screen, it’ll show the card with said “Save Last Swipe”? :thinking:

Wow! swipe is rather cool! You can place a button in the center of the images…and even increment.


Also - is there a way to disable the Favourites? :thinking:

@ehdubya sorry disable favourites?

pls expand a little because favourites need not be enabled.

I have an image as the first component on the Swipe layout. As usual, it gives me the option to add a Favourite (heart) button to it…but the “All / Favourites” native choice component is there regardless if I choose to add a Favourite button as the image caption…

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Ooops your way ahead of me. I’ve just started playing with it. Let me get back to you unless some1 already has a reply.

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