Supreme Hockey League App
The Supreme Hockey League, also known as the Major Hockey League or Higher Hockey League, is a professional ice hockey league in Eurasia, and the second highest level of Russian hockey.

As a programmer I know how much time it would take to code similar app with regular technologies, so I didn’t find spare time to work on such app off my own bat.

And now this idea just became real without writing any code! Mind-blowing possibilities!

Although the current result is pretty simple and straightforward, it would not be that easy to achieve this result with code (I literally started this app few hours ago) because of ‘yak shaving’ programmers have to do to make things work initially.

And this is really the key to make more and more awesome ideas come true!

Smooth gliding y’all :wink:

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Это приложение отлично, поздравляю!

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