Training sportapp (hockey) :

I have made this Player app some months ago for my hockeyteams.

This season I have used it for three hockeyteams. Purpose : to give them 1:1 feedback (from training), improve general skills more quickly and help with personal hockey development during the year.

Due Covid19 all sportevents and competitions are postponed in the Netherlands. May be also in your country. So you may have time to prepare for the re-start of the leagues.

For the new season I will change all in English, for the moment the app has Dutch content.

template :


hi, is this app still available? Id love to use it for football training during covid-19 postponements. Thanks, Fred

Sorry Fred , it magically disappeared yesterday evening.
Just made a new copy available.

small remark: I have made the app 8 months ago, and it is a little complex in the structure. Today glide has more features and functions. I will ‘redesign’ the app more clean more clever for coming season.

thanks - did you have good take-up of the hockey as a matter of interest?