My Tournament App

Hello everyone,
I finally finished this app which allows to manage a tournament of 16 teams with round robin and playoff.
I am interested in your opinions and your comments both on the English translations and on the design of the app.
Thanks in advance :wink:


Hi Alexis, your app is really, really nice. I find the use case really clear, and both the user interface and experience are frictionless.

Minuscule feedback that would take you no time to implement if you want to:

  1. Have you considered having the home screen not being the settings screen? It’s a little unusual for the settings tab to be on the very left, even though I understand that a first-time user would probably need to start in settings.
  2. A detail, but the tab labels are in French whereas the rest of your app in English.
  3. For the tab labels in French, would you consider “Paramètres” or “Configuration” instead of “Settings”?

I filled out the app with matches, saw the results and rankings, tried the “send via email” feature, it’s really well done :tada:

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Thank you very much for this feedback.
I modified the Tab titles that I had forgotten to translate and I put the configuration tab at the end with a reference to it on the first page if no configuration element was entered.

Very nice app.

When I tried an hour ago I was able to get to a screen with some buttons, they were light blue with white text. Just wanted to say there were difficult to read on an iPhone. Maybe choose a different option for the button format (solid, grey or border only).

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I chose dark blue … Is it better ?

Apologies, I cannot seem to get back to the screen with the large buttons. But I assume it is better…

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You can get back to this screen when you click on a match :wink: