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I want to create a tournament with 16 players in total. In the app I want each and every person to get seeded into a match with another player and the player with the most points in each match moves on to the next round. Does anyone have an idea of how this could be performed or where to start?

Hi @Calle_Ehrnberg,

There is another thread where @Robert_Petitto helped someone do something similar.

Here’s part of it.

You might wanna check it out and see if that’s what you are looking for.

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Hi, I have also been trying this for the last month, please check my post, where Robert has helped up to a certain point, but still needs lots of work

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I´ve read some of that post actually but I couldn’t really get the hang of it to be honest so that´s why i posted my own question to hopefully receive som new ideas to find a solution on this topic… I have already created an app where you challenge your friends in whoever is the best sports better but in that app it is just a basic standings table where whoever has the most points is in the lead and the one with least amount of points is in the bottom. But this time I want it to be like a tournament so thats why I am in need of help.

So turns out, this is much more difficult than i predicted. What i ended up doing is using this website , then using their API to call and send data from Google Sheets, and using glideapp as the front-end to get and view data.

Should you want to use this, you would need knowledge about google app-scripts.
You can also use the website directly to host your tournaments and send users direct links to it. (Note: WebView does not work for this site)

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As you said it seems like a more difficult task than anticipated… I will look into other ways to create something with glide that looks similar to a tournament even though it probably wont look exactly as I want. I really want to create the tournament myself with glide so I will explore the options available with glide. Thank you very much for your interest in helping me!

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Great, you want wanna still try, i lost hope after a month of trying lol. Should you make any progress would love to see it. I have made quite of bit of progress with relation to registering process and check-in process for participants.

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Hey Calle,

Any luck with the tournament app yet?

Hi @Calle_Ehrnberg, its been awhile since the last post, was just wondering if you had any luck in building this within gilde?

Sorry for super late response and you have probably even forgot about this topic, haha. But anyways, I did not find a way to make it as I wanted it with glide as i started studying at an university and did not have time with glide anymore. Thank you though for the help!