Help - Building Tournament Seeding App

Hi Guys,

I am working on building a app for online game tournaments. This app is a gamified app, which can create new tournaments (Admin dashboard) and users can register to these tournaments. The app also has a in-game currency feature, which can be used as tournament entry fee.

The issue:
I have built the app this far, and now stuck on how to seed the tournaments. I want to be able to take the list of users registered for each tournament and pair them up for a single elimination format.
Signed in users, should be able to see their next opponent and should have the option to report scores, scores will then be used to move the winner to the next round.

Note: All registered users from all tournaments, get put into a single sheet.

Any help would be appreciated, I have been at this issue for over 2 weeks now.


How many users per tournament?

max 32 , min 2

Hm. Tricky.

i know rob, i am quarter of the way there. I have a sheet i made for each tournament type. but i cant figure out how to bring in filtered results from the registration page into it. I have an idea how to do the seeding, but lack the google sheet formula knowledge.


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OMG! Rob, you are truly amazing!!!

This is exactly what i wanted, i can now take this to the next step with the app. I have already setup a tournament registration system, where user cant register once max players has been reached. (max players is defined by admin during tournament creation dashboard)

can you please share the spreadsheet so i can work on it further? I really appreciate your time and effort, i have been at this for last 2 weeks daily for 5 hours a day.

Hi Rob,

I was able to link the seed number to participants email ID, but i see a issue now, in Round 1 sheet, players don’t get matched up until all participants are registered. example : person from tournament A with Seed# 1, as per the formula matches with person with Seed# 32. However until that seed#32 slot is filled, Seed#1 wont have a match to play.

@Robert_Petitto Hey Rob,

Hope you are having a wonderful festive season.

I would like to open this topic again, as all other attempts to create this tournament app has failed me. Your method seems to have come the closest i have been so far.

I would like help to alter your sheet formula for Round 1 seeding. Instead of pairing up seed 1 & 16, i would like to pair up seed 1 & 2.


I want it to be like the one below:


This is current formula you wrote last time, can you please help to alter it so i have seeds like my above image:

Seed 1 formula : =ArrayFormula(iferror(SORT(ROW(A2:A),SORT(ROW(A2:A),A2:A,1),1)-MATCH(A2:A,SORT(A2:A),0)-ROW()+2))

Seed 2 formula : =iferror(ArrayFormula(vlookup(A2:A,'Tournaments '!Q2:R,2,0)+1-iferror(SORT(ROW(A2:A),SORT(ROW(A2:A),A2:A,1),1)-MATCH(A2:A,SORT(A2:A),0)-ROW()+2)))