Register with additional field

I want to create something that’s a bit like a game/puzzle for different teams of 4 people playing at the same time. Where within each team, each person sees some different (filtered) view of the data inside the app and then have to share it with each other over a call/Zoom.
Wondering if someone can think of a way of doing that, presumably by them registering in different ways but linked.
I want each team to identify itself uniquely and for that to be done on the fly - this can’t have emails already registered ahead of the game.
So that if there are 4 views of the data (one for each player) then this is distributed across the 4 people in your team but not clashing with other teams.
Don’t know if it’s possible to have a registration where you provide your email and a free-format field for a team name. So that if everyone on the team enters the same unique team name that binds them and then somehow use their 4 email addresses as a way of filtering somehow different views once they are in.
But any solution that meets the requirements welcome!

I’m thinking you can number them 1, 2, 3, 4 for each team. Then all people numbered 1 will see the same view, but they are on different teams.

Here’s the formula to do it inside the Sheets.

It can also be done in Glide, let’s say you create a relation column of the entered team ID to the whole list of team IDs, do a count rollup, then the “next ID” that will be entered via a set column is count + 1.

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