Help needed to Connect form & increment


I’ll looking for someone to help (pay) re-build my app =>
My apps is working currently to take statistics during a Volleyball game however I want now to connect those statistics to each player and keep track of those data week after week.

I started to create a form to connect my stats to my player but the increment component inside a form is to tricky yo manage for my simple brain.

So if you know how to do it, have time to do it, feel free to reach me.

Thank you

How do you have your app set up now? Does each button add a row and then your stats up top use relations, rollups, and math to calculate the averages? How would you want to record stats form multiple players? Would it be a choice component to select a player, then the stats are recorded for that player until you change to a different player. You could probably have a second choice component to select the Game/Week you are tracking at that moment.

Currently my app does not add rows it does math "automatically’ in each cell of the spreadsheet and inline list component shows directly/live results Fraction, and % . See screen shot or the app directly (I made it copyable) =>

Yes the goal is to record one player at a time. Ideally a student/ ( I’m a PE teacher) select a player in my list/choice component and start keeping stats watching the game. It is important that the stats appear live while taking stats. At the end of the game the student submit the form/results and all results are recorded game after game and/or week after week.

The main difficulty, I 'm not able to solve, is to have at the same time a FORM with increment button and showing live results (fraction and %) and a submit function recording at the end all data created. So basically I’m able to do live stats (the current app tap Live STATS) or an app with a form with submission but without the live stats second tab (form stats)

Thank you for your help or advice. Again if someone want to be paid for helping me or doing the end feel free to reach me.

Which layout are you more attached to? The Stats Live tab with the inline lists or the layout in your form with the buttons?

Here’s a copy that I reworked a little bit. I added a new glide table to drive the main stats recording tab. As far as looks, the only difference is that I added a player choice component and a submit button. It’s rough and I’d probably design it a little different from scratch, but I wanted to keep your existing flow as much as possible. All the stats are recorded and cleared the same way, but pulled into the main table through relations and lookups. The submit button adds those values to the Volley sheet. Hope that helps.

Also, I know you don’t have a sign-in process, but I would consider it for the future. It will work just fine as is, but if the app spontaneously restarts, then you would lose any temporarily recorded stats. Signing in would save those user specific columns to glide, so they would be retained if the app restarts. Just something to consider.


ouahh…thank you so much @Jeff_Hager !!!
You are amazing. It is exactly what I was looking for. When I took a look at the Glide Table you created I realized that I definitely need to start working and learning how Glide Table work because I’m an excel/spreadsheet guy. Obviously Glide Table are faster and seamless.

How I can thank you?

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Glad it works for you. The Main sheet would have worked as a google sheet as well, but I just added it as a glide table out of convenience. There really isn’t any user input in that sheet other than the player name, but even that is a user specific column which is contained within glide, so the only thing that would be in a google sheet would have been the first X column. I just needed it to create a base row. The main thing with glide tables is you eliminate the need to sync any data between glide and a google sheet. Plus it doesn’t use up any sheet edits.

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