Who goes up and who goes down in my padel ranking?

Hi everybody, I’m a real glideapp rookie.
I made an app to manage padel matches for a group of 16 people.
The core of the application is the ranking.
The ranking updates automatically every time the result of a new game is entered.
I would like that every time I click on “enter result” the ranking would be saved in a different column.
So I can compare the “new ranking” with the previous one and understand who goes up and who goes down (and add icons).
Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot

Hey Nicola welcome to the community! I would consider taking a different approach to the structure of your data.

Instead of using a new column for every result you could take advantage of the Special Value Current date/time component and use the resulting dates and time for the logic.

Have a look at the Glide Library. There is loads of great information and tutorials in here. And if you have any questions there are lots of friendly people on here eager to help.

Thanks for the reply Eric.
Match results are recorded per row in one sheet.
In another sheet there are the calculations for the ranking.
It is a ranking based on RPI (rating percentage index) (25% team winning percentage, 50% opponents’ average winning percentage, and 25% opponents’ opponents’ average winning percentage) so every new game result modifies the entire RPI column not only the points of the teams involved.
This is why I would like to “copy” the data of the RPI column (in other column) before the result of a new game is inserted.

In that case you could use an “add row” action. If you are using a form to submit the data just head over to the features section in the top right and you could choose add row :+1:

What if you had a single value column to get the last entry and another single value to get the 2nd last entry? Then you’d be comparing the last values with the 2nd last values (and each time a new one is added, the previous “last entry” becomes the 2nd last, etc etc.


Thank you both. I’ll study “add row” and try to use it

This is a great approach and I believe it will work.

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