Support for a referral program

Hi All - I’d be grateful for advice on how to achieve this.

My app allows players to train with different coaches. When a coach refers users to the app, they should see only the specific coach who referred them. The referral is done via social networks so the coach can’t tell me upfront who he/she referred.

What I want to achieve
When Coach A refers user X to the app, User X should see only Coach A in the app.
When Coach B refers user Y to the app, User Y should see only Coach B in the app.

Basically, it’s like supporting a referral program where each user is associated with a specific referrer.

The need
I see 2 options to achieve this:

  1. Use a unique landing page for each coach outside the app >> from there the user signs up (my app is public + email) >> during the sign-up process capture the landing page or a special token. Not sure how to achieve the last piece of that process in the Glide sign-up process.

  2. Create a special coach page inside my app that the Coach directs the users to >> from there I can associate the user with the coach. I am not sure though how to create a deep link into app so the user lands directly on the coach’s page.


When they log into the app make your home page have a visibility based on the referral column you create in the user page. The home page asks who referred them. Once they select the coach from the drop down list you can use that relation throughout the app to isolate that coach. If the referral field is not empty those options wouldnt exist. It would almost seem like a mandatory popup.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I can’t let the user choose the coach because if the user chooses a different coach that hurts the coach who referred him. I need to be able to associate the user to the coach automatically.

Ok, why not have coaches check when someone is submitted and they can add them to their list. Or better yet. Tie a referral form from google forms to the sheet. And each coach has their referral form setup to their name. when they submit the form it does it for you.

So what I guess I’m saying is setup google forms for all of your coaches. Each form when submitted adds that submission to the user page with the coach already tied to it. These forms can be emailed and filled out anywhere. So coach gets another client, he gets their email and sends the form. Tells them to fill it out and you setup the app to autosend the app to that clients email :slight_smile:

So I was actually thinking about the second option just using a registration in a landing page (each coach will have a unique page) that writes to the Google sheet.

The problem is that in this process the user enters his email twice once in the registration and then to log in to the app.

It’s clunky and I am trying to avoid this double entry.

If you use the forms it wont. The google form will pretty much be the registry. it will add the user so if they use that email to login they will already be in the list.

Thanks for all the advice. I appreciate it!

If I use the form, wouldn’t the user need to enter the email twice - once in the sign up form and then the second time in the login screen to the app (my app is public + email)?

If so it means entering email twice in a span if a minute and I am trying to avoid that friction in the process.

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If they have google on their phone they can click login with google. And it would just be that button press.

Ok. Thanks.

If you don’t want to go that route let me know, I’m sure we can do something differently.

I think it’s not a bad solution. The ideal one would be a scenario where the user needs to enter his email only once so it feels like a one step registration process.

I agree…I wish they would make the sign/register better and more detailed.

I know this is old but I was looking for ideas and have what I think is a solution for you here

You could generate/give a unique ‘referral code’ to each Coach with a formula column on their Profile sheet. Then when onboarding Users, require them to input the code their Coach gave them in a separate required ‘referral code’ text entry field, this can then automatically create the connection between the user & the coach via a relation field.

I’ve realised this would need to be an arrayformula - here is my edit

Lets say CoachName is in Column B, an example formula to generate the referral code:

This is how I am setting up my referral program. A nice addition would be to do a rollup of the total referrals per coach/code and use that to reward the Coaches