How could I expand the registration requirements

Hi, sorry this doesn’t have a category. But I want to try and gather a source id alongside email on a user’s initial registration.

This would come from the introduction code supplied by a referrer who also uses the app.

So id would be say

First Name: John
Id of referrer AA1234

I’m considering using Google Forms to gather this data and an email trigger with the app link then match the email once registered on the app, but this would be so much neater. Or even neater! A unique one time link to the glide app login which tags the source of the intro (but a big ask!). I’ve used"pre fill answers" option in Google Forms to create a source code. Any thoughts?

Can’t you just add them as a column in your user profiles sheet and tell the registrator to enter them? The “ID” of the referrer can be their username, for example.

Yes, one solution, but it would be preferable to carry over the source code from the referrer so that they can guarantee a link to the reffered user.

Could you not just have the app record when the referer sends a code to someone and when that same email is used to login that referrers code is automatically applied?

So workflow would look something like…

Referer logs as someone they referred.

Days later logs in and the welcome screen asks for name and shows an auto populated non editable text display of the referers code