Pre-filled registration link?

Hi all, I’m sure you are familiar with Google Forms “pre-filled” question option to help tag submissions to google sheets.

Is there anything similar that could be adopted for glide apps?

Ie myapp/“myuniqueid” which would carry forward as part of the login process?

I want to use it as part of a sharing function which IDs the source, not the new user.

Any thoughts as to how I might achieve that, or another method of carry over from the introducer to the new user.

As always the glide team and all on this community are a constant source of inspiration!

Cheers G

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Hi @GaryBritton,is this the same question as the one you asked here?

If so I believe the following may work.
Could you not just have the app record when the introducer sends a code to someone and when that same email is used to login that introducers code is automatically applied?

So workflow would look something like…

Introducer logs [] as someone they referred.

Days later [] logs in and the welcome screen asks for name and shows an auto populated non editable text display of the referers code