Prefilled URL

Can we have prefilled URLs in Glide as in Google forms?

Use cases include;
Sending a prefilled sign-up link with the users email address - something like this will definitely increase sign-up and usage of applications.

Sending a prefilled link to a customer with order details where they can immediately place an order in the app. (a use-case that I would immediately make use of)

And in general; Prefill information in the app so there’s less data entry resulting in a smoother user experience

You can use default values for entry fields

But the entry would differ by client. And not just by client -
Even for the client - the values are constantly changing. Different orders constantly.

Nor would it solve the use case for a prefilled sign-up link…

Depeding on conditions, create coloumn with data and use these columns in placeholder.

Use a Template column or Construct URL - and use text replacement to change the user-related parts of the URL.

As i see, he wants a pre-filled customized form as compared to pre-filled URL

:slight_smile: I am re-reading and it seems even more complicated that both our approaches!

It reads like:

  • Eden wants to have a deep link to a Glide app that contains parameters in the deep link URL that would already have values filled out in the URL

I am not a Glide Deep Link expert (I do not use them in my app at all) so no idea if it might work!

Now if it is filling in a form within a Glide app, that is relatively easy. You would use compound actions (using Set Columns) to pick up values from one table and populate the form you are creating (but you need to make your own form).

Good luck!