Summit Chase - Helping Hikers Track Their Journey

Hi Everyone -

Here is an app I created to help hikers track + complete their summit journey, a set of 48 peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This was done as a side project to help test some of my product management skills.

In the app, you can:

  • Track your progress
  • View your activity chronologically
  • View + add summit info
  • Browse all 48 peaks

Use this link to access it:

Here is more info on how it works:

Thoughts and feedback are welcome.



Some of the points I would add:

  • The “Complete profile” button should show a notification that I should fill in all fields to advance.

  • The “Summitted” part and all other fields should be on the main screen in a form, it’s not obvious that the user has to click the pencil button to edit it.

All in all, great looking app! Congrats.

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Thanks for the feedback @ThinhDinh! Good point on the “complete profile” notification, the experience is much better now that I have added the message.

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I was just testing your App. You may disallow negative numbers in miles hiked.

you can use min value in Number Entry

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@Pratik_Shah Brilliant, thank you for the tip! Nice catch

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