Welcome to Festival Chasers

Hello, everyone.

I have had several ideas for apps through my nonprofit management and events management career but, was always prevented by lack of coding knowledge and the cost of hiring someone. During the COVID lock-down, I was watching a webinar and, when asked what tools people use, someone mentioned Glide. I immediately checked it out and knew I had found the answer for my many ideas.


Things I have been playing around with include:

  • A board governance app for nonprofit organizations
  • An app for my brother who has recently developed vascular dementia
  • An app for immediate family members with information for my brother’s case management

My biggest project is an example of the “been thinking about this for years” category. Festival Chasers has gone public. I’m still making some tweaks, but it is live and I hope you will check it out and let me know how I can improve it.

This has been made possible by the great Glide documentation and videos and all of you here in the Glide Community. Special shout out to @Robert_Petitto. His videos are very well done and the few times that I have contacted him directly, he has been most helpful and encouraging.

See a (very) short video about Festival Chasers here
Check out the Festival Chasers app at https://festivalchasers.com/



The app looks great! :tada:

I noticed that users can edit events, is it intentional?

THANK YOU @jabid. It has always been set that only I could edit events. In making edits to the app overall, I see that that edit ability filter “fell off.” It has been reset. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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