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Hey Everyone!

I launched my first Glide app in early February and wanted to share it with the community in case anybody else is trying to build something similar (but not a competitor :smile: lol) and also to get some feedback from the community.

Landing page:


In a nutshell, it’s an information marketplace for travel blogs, where bloggers will post backlinks to their original blog post / website and where users can search and favorite those same blog posts.

Feel free to ask any questions or make comments on how I might be able to improve the app or business!



I can say one thing… you can write huge posts… lol

LOL maybe I should cut some of it down haha. I am not an app builder per se. But I built the app for my business. Must have gotten excited and carried away!

Edited it so its much shorter lol

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Great job on your first app! I wish mine was as good as yours

Here’s a minor thing to improve upon: If the user isn’t signed in, then perhaps the following tab should be hidden.

Thank you!

I built it for my own side hobby / business, and was pretty fun to do! And thank you for the “Following” suggestion. I now hid it from all non-signed in users.

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That’s a really nice app.

I have one suggestion: your Covid information could probably be presented a bit better. Right now it’s just huge chunks of text/links, and is a bit overwhelming.

You already have it grouped by continent/region, so I’d suggest presenting an inline list of regions, and then drill down to see the country lists. You could add some images (flags?), or maybe even find a way to present it on a map.

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Thanks! Thats a great idea. I think just got lazy after seeing how many links there were lol. I got them from a trusted source so it was easy to list them all as I did, but making them an inline list could be pretty cool.