Vacation app

Vacation are over since august so I’m going to share my vacation app. I built it as a guide for my vacation, with images an videos of location and monument I would have visit. I hope you like it.


I do like it even though I’m not big on dark themes. Very nice. It’s actually the first time I’ve seen an embedded video play within an app, so I’m even more excited about the one I’m working on.

One thing, you may not have needed to keep your coordinates info active as a displayed item. Unless something is relevant and useful it’s best to exclude it.

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I didn’t realize that the coordinates were shown, moreover, being an app for personal use I didn’t double check to see if there were errors or imperfections.
Thank you for appreciation.

My tip wasn’t meant as a critique of your app, but simply advice for others to not let Glide’s desire to include every sheet item prevent one from removing those which aren’t relevant to the user on any particular tab.

No problem, I did not take it as a critique. I agree with you, sometimes redundant informations are entered.