Thanks to the community for making our Travel Wallet app possible!

Hey Glidders :wave:,

My fiancée and I are travelling at the moment for 6 - 12 months and are trying to solve travel-related challenges we face with no-code tools and primarily Glide (as long time google sheets users we love what we can make using our existing competencies and improve them along the way).

One of the challenges we faced is to pro-actively track our spending and make sure we stay within our budget, otherwise the travel plans will be cut short :sweat_smile:

So we built an app that allows us to quickly (less than 10 seconds per entry) input past, present and future expenses, so we always have an up-to-date “unspent” amount that we know we can spend on the more daily variable expenses (food, drinks, activities, gifts, shopping etc…).
Typically, if we go out for cocktails today, will we blow-up our budget and have to eat plain rice for the coming weeks :sweat_smile:?

The v1.0 of the app is live since friday 01/11 and here’s the link:

A special thank you to the @Glide team for making a great personal expense tracking template, that was the start of it all and enabled us to learn about the =QUERY() formula :raised_hands:
Another shoutout to Glide community member @Krivo who is the inspiration for using a table to show the expenses per day in the home tab :raised_hands:

A previous version of the Travel Wallet had a chart in the home tab (instead of the table), but we’ve faced some challenges with those during the user onboarding:

  • when users make a copy of the app, the image chart component always showed the template’s data and not the new apps data (a new link for the new chart had to always be published and inserted in the proper cell)
  • when the copy is made, all the formatting done on the chart to make it fit with our overall user interface is lost and we would have had to ask the users to do it all again on their sheets.

I’m wondering if any of you have some tips on how to improve this process?

Thanks in advance!

Karim & Emily


This is very cool.

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