Personal finance app - Income and Expense tracker

Hi all,

I have build my own personal finance spreadsheet based solution. Today I input the data into the spreadsheet manually but through my laptop. I am looking to build a glide app that helps me log the income and expenses to the spreadsheet directly from my phone. Also show a budget tracking view in YNAB style - budgeted and actual. Is it possible on Glide?



Yes! This is very possible in Glide. I just built one for my family.

Also @Manan_Mehta has a great tutorial on how to do so.

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It’s completely possible! Thanks @SantiagoPerez for the mention.
I have a course where I teach a similar app.


Great! I wanted to know how to add three columns in the table component.

Edit: I misread your comment. Sorry about that.

I think you’re trying to have 3 columns instead of the default 3, is that correct?

Probably you must have a HTML Table for that (external code), the built-in method only allows 2.

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No problem!

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Ohh ok how/where would you add that external code?

This explains how I use html tables in my app.