Help about design table with markdown!

According to the rules of markdown, can we draw a table ?
I see exampl have
I see instructions that can be drawn, but I am wondering when applying that, do not see the lines on the application? Please help me, thanks

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The app’s markdown engine is stripped down. You’ll get alignment, but no borders.

If the line is not displayed then it is difficult to create statistics tables or categories to compare you.

Why not use the table component?

What is your solution? Can you recommend me about table component?


My solution is to use the table component in the builder as explained in the link posted by @Jeff_Hager. (Thanks to Jeff for the assist.)


Thanks Jeff_Hager and Tim_Sullivan.

I had used Table component. But I need more columns to create a statistics table than 2 columns or create a list. For example as shown below

Then markdown would be your best option. It’s not the greatest for tables, but I don’t know of a better solution.

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Hello fellow Vietnamese! Glad to see another Vietnam on here lol.

I don’t use this much often but here’s a solution for you, albeit you may have to update it manually because this is HTML and it’s hard to automatically get the data from your sheet then grab the corresponding HTML code from this website.

The website is:

How you do it: Paste the data from your sheet, then format them as you wish (theme, borders, colors, etc.), select compact mode, copy the code to clipboard and then paste it back into Glide, in a rich text format.

The result would look like this:

Hope it helps!

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On reflection I think automatic update can be achieved using a Python Selenium code, however that’s not easy to set up.

If you need to get assistance for this please send me an email at: and we can talk more. Have a nice weekend.

nhưng được biết Glideapp không cho phép sử dụng code html đó em.

Dạ khuyên không nên dùng thôi chứ không phải không dùng được ấy anh, hiện tại em vẫn dùng kha khá HTML trong code của mình.