Data editor not supporting markdown tables

Hi all,

I’ve tried to built a markdown table in the glide editor with clickable images but it wasn’t working and the rich text didn’t show it as a 5able.

I know the table is ok as the same table works well when im using it in the sheet and present it in glide.

Anyone has any idea why it doesn’t work when building it on the editor?



So you’re saying the table looks good, but nothing is clickable? Do you have a copy of the markdown?

No the table is not working at all, it shows the pipes of the table (’|) and not a table and the links actually works but it is not looking like the table.

No, I deleted the refwrn6after it didn’t work.

But you can try to build any table even a simple one and it will not work correctly

How are you doing the line breaks? Are you using 2 spaces before the carriage return?

This is a rich text pointing to New Column I. Below it is an text entry component where I typed in the markdown. (I didn’t left justify Header 2, so it’s centered and that’s why it looks weird)

Try doing this in the editor with a template using data from other columns. See 8f it works

It should work with 2 spaces and Shift+Enter to get to a new line.


Markdown requires 2 space and a carriage return to create a new line.

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I’ve tried this but will try again and let you know

If it still doesn’t work, share some sample markdown here.

Disclaimer: I’m only trying this in staging.

Hey @Jeff_Hager,

I saw in another post that you shared a neat table but I can’t find it.

Im playing around with making an app for bookkeeping and I’d like to have a table where everything is shown so far this is what I’ve got:

The idea is to make the table “dynamic” I mean that every time an log is recorded, it is shown on it.

I don’t know of this is doable but I’d like to try it.


Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but this is what I have in my app.

It’s an html table, because I needed the ability to span the width 100%, change the font size, and get the layout I want. I’ve been unable to get close to this with markdown, although the process I explain below would work for markdown as well.

If you are familiar with html tables, then you will see that what I am doing, is I have a lessons sheet where I dynamically build each <tr> table row for each lesson.

In my Invoices sheet, I have a multiple relation to the Lessons sheet. Using that relation, I create a Joined List column which combines all of the <tr> column rows from the Lessons sheet and joins them into one column value.

Finally I take that Joined List column value and wrap with the <table> tags inside of a template column. This is displayed inside of a Rich Text component.

To get the alternating gray bar and surrounding border, I added another rich text component with the following CSS.

.gJGZti {height:6px;}
tr:nth-child(odd) { background: #ddd; }
table {
border-collapse: collapse;
border: 3px  solid #2B3C4A;
width: 100%;
th, td {
text-align: left;
padding: 3px;

Yes, this is what I was talking about. No I am not familiar with HTML at all but I’ll try to follow what you did. If I have any questions, I’ll reach out.


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Just beautiful Jeff