Personal budget app with table chart

This app is an extension of the template app “Personal budget”

Update of charts in glide is slow - taking maybe 5-20 minutes. The chart shown on front page of app is therefore not very relevant while the user inputs data.

But there is other ways of giving an overview of you spending - I have in the app named a tab ‘status’.
The idea is to use a table layout. The update is done within a very few seconds - and in that way it seems feasible to put in along side the expenses.

Notice also the tab ‘Details’ which here includes the spending level of the particular category.

4 different sheets has been created

  • CategoriesExp: Expanded the original categories sheet with extra columns. They are highlighted. Calculation of how much is spent in relation to the budget. A few column is used for calculating which text to show in the table
  • Status: A number of different calculations used to present a ‘spending’ progress bar, the spending table and spending status. There is one input column - named ‘Careful level’ - which indicated when you should start to slow down spending. Defaulted to 90 - but try to change to another value.
  • Images: Holding the ‘images’ - actual the text - to insert into the spendingtable
  • SpendingIcons: Used to hold different spending icons - everything ok, take care, overspent


Very creative way for creating visuals without charts. Nice job @Krivo.

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Hello Krivo!

I copied your app this morning, really amazing!

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:+1:Nice app, @Krivo

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Love it @Krivo! :+1:t4: