Personal budget app with table chart

This app is an extension of the template app “Personal budget”

Update of charts in glide is slow - taking maybe 5-20 minutes. The chart shown on front page of app is therefore not very relevant while the user inputs data.

But there is other ways of giving an overview of you spending - I have in the app named a tab ‘status’.
The idea is to use a table layout. The update is done within a very few seconds - and in that way it seems feasible to put in along side the expenses.

Notice also the tab ‘Details’ which here includes the spending level of the particular category.

4 different sheets has been created

  • CategoriesExp: Expanded the original categories sheet with extra columns. They are highlighted. Calculation of how much is spent in relation to the budget. A few column is used for calculating which text to show in the table
  • Status: A number of different calculations used to present a ‘spending’ progress bar, the spending table and spending status. There is one input column - named ‘Careful level’ - which indicated when you should start to slow down spending. Defaulted to 90 - but try to change to another value.
  • Images: Holding the ‘images’ - actual the text - to insert into the spendingtable
  • SpendingIcons: Used to hold different spending icons - everything ok, take care, overspent


Very creative way for creating visuals without charts. Nice job @Krivo.

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Hello Krivo!

I copied your app this morning, really amazing!

Best regards,


:+1:Nice app, @Krivo

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Love it @Krivo! :+1:t4:

Do we still need to use the “Recurring=Items:Recurring?:Multiple” etc. headers or we can now use Glide relation etc. features?

Glide Relation columns do fully replace the header syntax in the sheet. You can still use the old way if you want, but Glide relations may be a bit faster.

Yeah! That’s a really cool app! Thanks for pointing me to it. I like your additions to it. The Details tab seems especially suited to what I’m trying to do. I will see if I can go from what you have to edit mine.


@onepixelman Jep. Get inspired by the different cool stuff people do is really nice about this forum.
Good luck with your app👍


Krivo -

I’ve taken a look at this … nicely done. I have a question for you, though: this app works well if there is a single-user. Thinking it through, if I were to modify it to permit multiple users each with their own budgets and spending, I’m not sure I would be able to filter the chart to only display the spending for the logged-in user.

Wouldn’t I need a separate chart for each user? How would you imagine that working? I’ve used filtering on charts in Google Sheets before but Glide seems to filter on the server and not in the Sheet, so I doubt that adding filtering to the chart inside the Sheet would work.

What do you think? How would you add charts when the app supports multiple users?

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@dmilleravid it might be harder creating a chart image in Google sheets for multiple users. Have you looked at the new chart component in Glide? That would allow you full control using per user data and relations.


I’ll play with that. Thanks.

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@dmilleravid Hi there, were you able to come with anything regarding multiple users?

No. I haven’t looked at this in a long time. Sorry

Have you tried filtering based on the User ID matching the User’s, User ID?

@Joe_Gabriele no I haven’t, but I will. Thanks.

Hi @Krivo this is a great app! I copied this morning. Is there a way to look at weekly budgeting & expenses?

You can probably create a math column with the formula:


With D being the current day (if you want to get the numerical representation of this week), or the date of the transaction (if you want to get the numerical representation of the transaction).

Then use relations + rollups to get the numbers you want.

This is a pretty old Classic app, it is almost 5 years old, so I would suggest building the same concept in the new Apps though.