My holiday app!

Hey everyone!

I’d like to show off my holiday app! It is still a work in progress, and would LOVE some tips, tricks, and other comments!

The app does require you to ‘sign up’ as I wanted to add a ‘join trip’ feature and for each trip to display who was going on the holiday and for participants to collaborate on trips

Here it is!


hi, I got a “Not found” error when I clicked on your link

Hey @rr128t I deleted this app cause I rebuilt it and forgot to post the new app :slight_smile: Here it is!

@ItsGavin it seems the checkbox “All Done” has no visibility set up. I was able to finish my sign in just clicking it, with no information in the fields

Would be better if you set the visibility when all the columns are not empty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Lucas_Pires Ahhh! Thats a great idea! I was trying to work out a way to make it so that all the fields (with an exception of the photo field) needed to be filled before it would continue! Thank you!

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