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I am a teacher heading up a summer camp. My idea is to create an app that allows teachers to access their student sign-ups to do daily attendance and then also allow parents to sign in to update their child’s covid test result and temp. ( I live in Hong Kong - here they currently require all students and teachers to do daily rapid antigen tests and temp taking to attend school) - I would just need a checkbox effect - have tested my child - is negative/ my child have previously tested positive and is exempt from daily testing and temp.

Is there a way to give access in 2 separate directions? Looking at 20 courses and 500 students.

Thanks in advance for ideas and help

You might run into some issues with the Update limits. 500 students with daily (30) updates in a month is 15000 updates. And, that’s if they are only in one class for the day. If they are in 4 classes a day, you are looking at 60k updates in a month. You may want to look ahead at what pricing plan you will need to have enough Updates included for your use.

@DJP This is another example of the “daily tracker” use case that is bumping into the new update limits. My math assumes one update per student per class per day, but what if they have two checkboxes for each class, one for attendance and one for behavior? Would they be looking at an Enterprise account, for a summer camp?


Thanks @NFNHello and @DJP - I hadn’t considered this and will look into it.

I will explore the pricing and then go forward.

@david You mentioned looking for use case examples for types of apps with update limits in another thread. Please see above.

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  1. This is just an idea phase app, not a real one yet.
  2. We have education discounts for cases like this.

This app also would violate most of our data restrictions—info about children, medical data.