Looking for app idea for lunch reservations

I work for a school district and the district is starting to allow parents back into the building to have lunch with their child(ren). However, the district is only allowing 20 parents a day during lunch. I am hoping Glide has a way to create an app for parents to sign up for a slot. Here are some of the details I am looking for with the app:

  1. a max of 20 slots per day. Once 20 slots have been reached, that day is removed or not available.
  2. only allow parents to view 5 days in advance. We do not want a parent or parents to reserve a slot for the next month or 2.
  3. an admin side of the app. This way the front office can see a list of parents that have reserved a slot for the day.
  4. a way to collect some information from the parent. email address, cell number, child’s name and grade level
  5. a way to send a reminder of the time slot, with the lunch time of the child. for example, if the parent has a 3rd grade child, then the reminder would have the lunch time of the 3rd grade lunch time.

any help would be appreciated. I think an app like this will help other school districts that are slowly lifting COVID restrictions.

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I think my APP can be useful for you. Of course, I’d have to modify some things to get what you want (e.g.: only allow 20 parents per day) but it’s doable, I think I won’t have headaches for it :face_with_head_bandage:

By coincidence, yesterday I wrote about it here:

I hope it helps you.



Hi Rex,
We’ve built a few similar apps to this, with email/text reminders.
There are some examples here: Jesus Vargas • Expert • Glide
Here: https://blog.lowcode.agency/
And here’s a public app that has reservations and email notifications that we built: https://nappsworld.app/