Looking for app idea for lunch reservations

I work for a school district and the district is starting to allow parents back into the building to have lunch with their child(ren). However, the district is only allowing 20 parents a day during lunch. I am hoping Glide has a way to create an app for parents to sign up for a slot. Here are some of the details I am looking for with the app:

  1. a max of 20 slots per day. Once 20 slots have been reached, that day is removed or not available.
  2. only allow parents to view 5 days in advance. We do not want a parent or parents to reserve a slot for the next month or 2.
  3. an admin side of the app. This way the front office can see a list of parents that have reserved a slot for the day.
  4. a way to collect some information from the parent. email address, cell number, child’s name and grade level
  5. a way to send a reminder of the time slot, with the lunch time of the child. for example, if the parent has a 3rd grade child, then the reminder would have the lunch time of the 3rd grade lunch time.

any help would be appreciated. I think an app like this will help other school districts that are slowly lifting COVID restrictions.

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I think my APP can be useful for you. Of course, I’d have to modify some things to get what you want (e.g.: only allow 20 parents per day) but it’s doable, I think I won’t have headaches for it :face_with_head_bandage:

By coincidence, yesterday I wrote about it here:

I hope it helps you.



Hi Rex,
We’ve built a few similar apps to this, with email/text reminders.
There are some examples here: Jesus Vargas • Expert • Glide
Here: https://blog.lowcode.agency/
And here’s a public app that has reservations and email notifications that we built: https://nappsworld.app/


Hi Rex,

Congrats on your first post! Luckily you have a lot options here in the Glide community to help you whether you want to build this yourself or get an expert to guide you.

Based on the features you listed above, everything is achievable in Glide. Many experts have built booking apps before, but, your requirements require a more thoughtful logic to control (or modify) the restrictions you have in place over time (ex. Slots or day, viewing five days in ad aced, etc.). So, the templates available would still need to be reworked or rebuilt to include the features you need.

At Riegel Groupe we built an MVP for a booking app that includes all of the features you’re looking for, namely:

  • Maximum slots per day
  • Days in advanced a user can book
  • Email and SMS reminders and notifications (via Twilio and third-party app)
  • Cancellations and rescheduling

You can preview the app’s landing page at the link below, but it will probably be more helpful to see it on the backend of Glide so I can show you the work behind it.

Feel free to PM me or schedule some free time at https://riegelgroupe.com

Happy Gliding!