Meal count

Hi. I’m new user of Glide Apps.
I need to create an app that allows the users to book meals in a Student Residence. In the app, each student resident will check a box (or toggle a switch) for a particular meal that he wants to take in the Residence. For example, if he plans to take lunches from Monday to Friday next week, he will just tick the boxes for lunch on those specific dates.
The staff who manages the Residence can also tick the boxes for the meals they will take in the Residence.
Then the chef (or the person in charge of the meal count) would see the total number of people taking meals in a specific day (say, 10 people taking breakfast tomorrow, 20 people taking lunch two days from now, or 5 people taking supper later tonight) and the names of those who will take meals on a specific date (i.e., the names of those taking breakfast and/or lunch and/or supper today).
And I also want to restrict the viewing access, meaning the staff of the Residence can view the meal orders of everyone (staff and student residents) but the student residents can only see the meal orders of the student residents (not those of the staff).
Also I want that the edit history can be viewed. One can see the date and time a user ticked or unticked the boxes.
Hope you guys can help me.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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This community is very collaborative, but the kind of help you can find here is usually related to specific problems (… how do I do this? … how do you fix this? … what is this feature for? Etc. …).
The scenario you described here is fully achievable in Glide. If you’re asking for help in quickly building an entire app from start to finish, you might want to hire an expert to help you.

Or try starting on your own, take a look at the documentation (which is very extensive and complete), and then as you have a problem ask how to solve it, as you go along.