Looking for a restaurant (review/rating) template

Hi Glide community members,
I suddenly had an idea.
Today I was talking with friends about restaurants. Where to eat, what they have etc
I thought it would be nice to have an app, in which you can keep track of the restaurants where you already have been or where you would like to go.
For each restaurant, it should show the name, address, what type of food they serve, and ratings (you gave), and maybe for the all-you-can-eat restaurants, show what the prices are at which day, and it would be nice if you could leave a review of the restaurant or your thoughts on it.
I already had to go through the templates, but it looks like they are all for one kind of restaurant to show the menu or order online.
Maybe it would be nice to filter. By ratings, food, etc.
Does anyone know of a template like this, or maybe you have a link to a YouTube video in which someone shows how to build it?
Everything is welcome.
And if I can’t find anything I like, then maybe I need to create one myself :slight_smile:

With that said, if I create this app myself, then I also would like some advice.
When I created this app, I would like to share it with family members. So everyone that is using the app, can see where or what to eat.
At first, I was thinking of creating a Google Sheet for all the data, but then I thought that maybe a Glide Table would be better/faster.
But is this possible for a shared app to use a Glide Table?
I think it should be okay, but maybe you can share your thoughts.
Maybe it is handy to know, I am doing this all on the free plan.

Many thanks in advance for all your time, tips, and links.

There’s no limitation against it, and in fact it’s always advised to use a Glide Table.

I would suggest you build it yourself, and ask the community questions if you struggle with a specific concept in your app.


As Thinh already confirmed, Glide Tables would be fine and even recommended.

  • If you don’t need your family and friends to sign in at all, then they would be considered ‘Visitors’ and you could share your app with as many family members and friends as you like.
  • You seem to want ratings and if you want to do things well, then I think you would then want to give people the option the sign into your app. On a free plan, you would be limited to 10 public users per month. If you would want to only strictly allow your family members and friends to use your private app, then you would be limited to 3 private users.
  • How about a map with pins representing the locations of the restaurants?
  • A phone number and dial action to allow your users to make a reservation?

You’ve been posting quite a bit for your medication app. You are probably sufficiently experienced with Glide now that you can build your restaurant listings app, and down the road people might come to you for their restaurant listings app. :muscle: The community forum, Glide Documentation, Glide University and Youtube are never too far.

Your project sounds fun!


@nathanaelb , Thanks for your reply and ideas

  • How about a map with pins representing the locations of the restaurants?
  • A phone number and dial action to allow your users to make a reservation?

I also was thinking of maybe using a map with a pin of the location :slight_smile:
The idea of a phone number and dial action also sounds nice. :slight_smile:

My medication app. I had put this on hold for a little bit.
In the past 9-10 months, I did not do anything with Glide because of health issues.
And several things had changed with Glide. I need to get used to it again.
For my easy medication (when needed) I got this working. But the most difficult ones are the ones that use a schedule. This is very tricky and I will just leave it for now, until I get a good idea on how to handle that.

This restaurant app is a nice way to get the hang of things again.
And who knows, maybe I will turn it into a template. :wink:

The main reason why I am still on the free plan is because of the payment methods of Glide.
To switch to a paid plan, they only accept credit cards. (This was one year ago, don’t know if it has changed or not)
I don’t have a credit card and I am not planning on getting one.
Once they also accept things like PayPal, I will reconsider getting a paid plan.
I know that I am maybe a little bit limited with a free plan, but for now, it is working fine for me.

As far as I know, paying with a credit card is still the only method of payment available. Maybe PayPal offers “virtual credit cards”, where you can transfer funds to your PayPal account to credit your account, and there PayPal could offer you a virtual debit card. I don’t know if this exists, it might be worth looking into to facilitate your online purchases.

(I just did a quick search. I’m not sure about the virtual PayPal debit card, but it seems PayPal offers a debit card, at least in the US. PayPal debit card)