Schedully - Booking app

Hi Gliders,

Saw some posts on how to do booking app and if possible to set limitation on booking slots etc., so, thought to share my new booking app which is due to launch soon.

I prepared some clip for you to see as the app itself is in hebrew so sharing it won’t be much of assistant for you all.

What is included in the app?

  1. setting up the business - adding few details and then I create the business profile and defauls 6 working days (Sun-Thu 9Amm-6PM, Friday 9AM-1PM),
  2. a walk-me gude that takes the user throught the process of setting the business link (deep link), create a service etc.
  3. setting up working days including daily break,
  4. blocking time slots per working days/hours and break time, appointments already booked, service duration etc.
  5. confirmation SMS to customer and biz owner for evry appointment, SMS on edit or cancel appointment.
  6. direct contact using Whatsapp or direct call.
  7. templated SMS to the customer for delays or early with setting dtails of the appointment into the text sent.

let me know, if you any questions.


Well done! Love the collapsible tutorial. Quick and trivial suggestion…i recommend limiting the break end time to anything past the break start time so that they can’t say their break is 14:00-12:00 and potentially “break” your logic…(no pun intended).


Good point. Forgot about it. Will add this limitations