New (free) template -- COVID Check-in for Schools

A new template of mine has just been approved and can be found in the template store (

The purpose of the template is to provide schools with a mechanism to track and enforce screening prior to a student’s arrival each day. Where I am, schools are opening in September, but there is a reliance on parents to pre-screen their kids before sending them to school. This app helps to enforce this pre-screening and documents it for each student, each day.

For Glide purposes, this template showcases some new features too — user profiles are used to distinguish between parents and teachers; tab visibility settings are used to show/hide tabs depending on who is logged in, as well as show/hide a submission confirmation screen after a student has been checked in. Increment actions are used on buttons to enable a seamless onboarding process when the user first logs in. Relations are used to associate students with classes, and teachers with students in their classes. Parents can have multiple kids in multiple classes and teachers can be assigned multiple classes. A password-protected settings screen uses visibility settings to prevent parents from being able to change school logos and images… and much more!

I really think it’s simple and easy to use and schools can very easily deploy it to help document screening. If schools provide a screening tracking solution, parents may feel more comfortable sending kids back to school. I have two young kids of my own and currently there is nothing in place at their school to verify that parents have screened their kids before sending them to school. If our school said they were using something like this, I would personally feel like they’re trying their best (Other than screening kids as they enter the school) and that my kids are better-protected.

For this reason, I’ve made it a free template and hope it can be used to help stop the spread (and help to promote Glide in schools!).

Video demo:


This is fantastic, very clean design and straightforward to use. The explainer video is very helpful as well! Thank you for sharing! :pray: :blush: :raised_hands:


Thank you!


You beat me to it! Nicely done. I had planned to build one a few weeks ago and never got around to it.


Thanks! Since you’re in the education field, I’m curious if you think this template is missing anything useful for the sector? I’m also in Canada, so there could US-related fields or information that I don’t know about that could be helpful.

:clap: :clap: :clap: Awesome. Very nice work.

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Good job, very clean UI

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Thank you!