Summary of changes for edit screen

When making changes in an edit screen, it would be nice if the user could see a summary of changes before submitting. Maybe they inadvertently clicked a choice, switch or checklist or removed something and didn’t notice. It would help the user to review and double check that the changes they have made are correct.

I can imagine this as a toggle “Show summary of changes” in the editor, under “general” or “options”

For example, a manager makes a handful of changes to a booking or product. When the “Show summary” feature is active, the submit button says “Review” instead. The user clicks review and is then shown a summary of the changes they have made. Maybe the old values have a strikethrough applied. On the review screen, there is an option to submit or cancel as normal.

Nice idea :+1:

I sometimes do this with custom edit screens, but that’s extra work to setup and costs updates. A native feature to do this would be neat.

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