Edit Screen Has No Visible Way to Submit. . .?

I have a list of items—say, pets—which is on a screen configured to Show Edit Screen when an item is clicked.

So far, so good.

But the resulting screen doesn’t include a Submit button. As you can see below, at the top it has Cancel and Done, and at the bottom, well. . . nothing (unless I configure it to allow deletes, in which case that’s where that link appears).

So, um. . . what’s up with that?

Thanks in advance. :metal:t2:




‘Done’ is the same as ‘Submit’. When you are done editing, you click on Done, If you want to cancel your changes, you click on ‘Cancel’.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Well, that’s what I’d originally assumed. So maybe my problem is better stated as when I click Done, the record is not updated with the values I entered.

I’m using “Set Column Values” on submit. Is that not the best choice?

Thanks again.


An Edit screen is already designed to edit a row. Just the same, an Add screen and Form screen are already designed to Add a row. Adding an On Submit action that does the same becomes redundant. What is probably happening is that clicking on Done does change the row with your updates, but the your On Submit actions just set it back to what it was.

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OK: so as I understand it, the correct choice for On Submit is “None”.

Problem is, when I test that, I find that sometimes my change is recorded, and sometimes it is not. Perhaps a lag in the simulator? I mean, when I change a value from “2” to “3” and click Done, the value is not always updated (either in the list screen that I go back to, or the underlying database).

Thanks. I know I’m getting close to the point where you’d need to actually see the app but I thought maybe you knew of a quirk I may be overlooking. Thanks again.

The correct choice for On Submit is to not have it do what the form is already doing. :wink: Personally, I don’t use On Submit to alter or read any data that was just updated by the form. There seems to have always been hit or miss results with that. I think it’s a timing issue where the row may not be updated or added before the On Submit actions run. At most, I’ll use On Submit for notifications, or navigation, such as Go Back or Go To Tab. So I won’t say that you should never use On Submit. I just think in your case you were duplicating the action that the form already performed.

Now, if you are having issues with your value not updating after clicking on Done, then that could possibly be a bug. I would suggest sharing some screenshots of your form setup and what the data table looks like. Preferably a Loom video would help to diagnose the problem. Also, what is your underlying database? Are you using Glide Tables, Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel?

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Google Sheets. I’ll see if I can recreate the problem using a smaller sample, and if I can, I’ll submit that. Thanks.

OK. I’ve had great luck using google sheets for my backend. I know I have seen a few random issues in the past, but it seems to be few and far between. I also seem to recall a recent post where the user had the sheet or column protected, so it wouldn’t accept changes until they turned off that protection. Something to check.

In the end, the Edit form should be updating values in the table once you click on Done, so if you are still experiencing issues, let us know.

Got it. I’ll do that as a new thread (or, I guess, “topic”).

It’s a “quantity”-type column, so I certainly wouldn’t have intentionally protected it. (Which doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened. :laughing: ) But I just double-checked to make sure, and no: not protected.

Thanks again.

Scott :older_man:t2:

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