Changes & Patch Notes

It would be interesting for the system to detect the changes i’ve made to my app before I publish each time (only for the “manual publish mode”) so that when I publish, it would pop up one time for returning users what i’ve changed since visiting. Obviously this could be disabled completely, or only show up for certain types of user, or maybe have a table that can be posted to an internal tab within my app so users can view changes manually.

Ideally this log would be created automatically with the clicks and changes i’ve made using simple references. Maybe even have a “Simple” mode for only front-end additions/changes and “Verbose” option that logs almost everything including table changes.

This could be a simple button that is in the top right of the builder window, and can expand when we want to check on what’s been logged or if we want to modify/reword some things or add developer notes as we build.