Have historical of modification of project

Hello everyone,
would you know if we can see the modification history of a project?
And if we can also see the time and the name of the person who made the modification?
Thanks for the help :wink:

Neither the change history nor who made the changes are available yet.

Ok thanks for you’r reply,
but would you know if is exist a way to build this ?

I might have misunderstood your question. Who’s changing what would you like to track: the developer of your project or your users?

If the developer of your project, as I said above a change log is not yet available, that would be a nice feature.

If your users, you could implement the following:

I will assume you are tracking the changes of a table called Things with the columns Name, Image, Category.

In the data editor:

  • Add a RowID to your Things table.
  • Add a RowID to your Users table.
  • Create a new table called ThingsLog and create the following columns: Name, Image, Category (here you are replicating the Things table), RowID, ThingsRowID, DateTime, ChangeUserID. I would put these latter 4 columns at the beginning of your table.

Now in the layout builder:

  • Head to your Things tab and click on any record of the inline list to enter its details screen.
  • In Edit Form, allow your users to edit records.
  • Click on the pencil icon to enter the edit screen.
  • Set the components you want to allow users to edit the Name, Image and Category. This allows the user to edit the data in the item’s row in the Things table.
  • Now in General (right-hand side), on submit, create a custom action.
  • Name it “Add to log”. In “Configure action”, add one step called “Add row”. As the sheet/table select “ThingsLog” since you are logging the changes to the ThingsLog table. Then map what data goes where. ThingsRowID:RowID. DateTime:Current Date & Time. ChangeUserID:User profile RowID. Name:Name. Image:Image. Category:Category. This step adds a record to your log table and we’ve defined what data needs to be logged.
  • Click save.

You should be done, test it.

(Should you want to add more data to your ThingsLog table, such as the current data of a record from the Things table, you can do so by using the ThingsRowID and creating a single relation to the Things table and looking up the data with additional lookup columns.)


Yes, adding info like the user id and date/time make the log useful.

I recently removed logging from my app as it was eating up too many edits!

But in my log I also logged whether the entry was a MOD, ADD or DEL. Those DEL log records can come in handy!

For MOD (edit) and ADD, I assume you created a custom action with “Add row”, but maybe you did it differently? I don’t see how to create an OnSubmit action for the native delete button :thinking:

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You are so right, I have my own delete button (and then don’t set the “allow user to delete”.

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Gotcha. I assume you created custom add and edit forms with your own delete button? That would make sense. I went the easier route with the native add and edit forms.

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Well, it’s not a custom form,

but it does have its own delete button. I have it set up so the user can cancel or confirm the delete. I just don’t check the ‘user may delete’ checkbox on the form.



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