Sum error in math column


Column addition error, I am adding integers so the result should be exact. all columns have precision 1. Solution…???

Are you using precision or rounding within the formula? Setting precision is only visual. The unrounded value is still stored underneath. I would make sure that you use the Round function in your formula if you want that to be the permanent value.

Initial values are integers, then percent calculations are applied, but the result has precision 1.
From there all the calculations are dispersing from the expected values because it is not using integer values but real values to continue calculating. Is there any way to adjust these results???

Your math formula should really use the Round function as part of the formula. Precision doesn’t make the value permanent. The underlying values still has decimal numbers, so even though you don’t see the decimal numbers, they are still used as part of your final calcuation.


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Thanks a lot

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