Numeric Precision ignored

Hi guys,
I have a number column with precision 1 that I Sum and then write to another table to a text column using an action, and ignores the units (that is a known issue with Rollup).
The written value is with the full possible precision.
am I missing something here? bug? any workarounds?

Regardless of the Precision set on a number column, the underlying unrounded value is always stored. If you intend to used the value for other math, you should use a math column with a Round function to give it a true rounded value. Setting Precision and Units is only for display purposes.


I tried that too,
still get the full number

Its supposed to show the sum of calories consumed a day,
and I got feedback from my users that were really amazed of the accuracy :laughing:

Create a math column in whichever table your calorie counts are stored, something like Round(Calories,0), and then do your rollup on that column.


Round will only work for whole numbers in the math column, I believe. You can’t specify decimal places. If you need to factor in 2 decimal places, for example, you need to multiply by 100, round, then divide by 100.


Whole numbers will work for me in this case.
I will try

Yep, rounding before summing worked.
Thank you!