Charts rounding/floating point display problems

Anyone else get problems with pie and donut charts and rounding/floating point displaying wrong in the chart but fine in the legend??

The data source does have round(value,2) applied. And it’s formatted to 2 decimal places as well.

This is not unique to this particular app. I have encountered it numerous times before.


I get that quite often, too. I also tried using ROUND() to no avail. Kind of annoying,

We’ll fix that soon.


What im currently doing with my data is to add another helper column to convert the value into absolute number and use that column as the quantity

We need the Round feature to be available in the app it self

You should be able to set precision on a numeric column. Or are you trying to do it within a math formula? I have found in the past that you can set precision on numeric columns, but the rounded value isn’t respected in the math and instead uses the underlying value. I’ve gotten around this creating a template column of the rounded numeric column, and used the template in the math formula.


@Jeff_Hager worked perfectly thanks

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