Suitable links for video component

Im experimenting with different links for video component

Stranger at the Gate on Vimeo
Viral Video Anggota DPR Tertawai Gempa, Lihat Kepala BMKG Sembunyi di Bawah Meja - YouTube

Did not work

Are there links criteria for video component ?

Generally, I would only be sure about using YouTube and Vimeo links for the video component.

I think it’s a matter of the video component being coded to handle the input link and extract whatever is the true “video” link inside (i.e the .mp4 file).

If the link you input, say Veed, is not handled, then it will not generate the working video link to be embedded.

Works in a web embed component, though.

yeah web embed is the solution, thanks for the info ! @ThinhDinh

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btw can you go full screen ?

im using glidepages and used the webview to embed video → can’t go full screen though

here’s an example:

An Open Link action would allow you to open a link full screen in a browser window OR a full screen web view.

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thank you jeff!!

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