Adding a (Vimeo) video component with a start time

I have a conference app with details of a number of sessions, and a recording (seven hours!) of the conference main stage - this video is hosted on Vimeo, as that was the platform we used to stream the conference to those who couldn’t attend in person.

Rather than download the 14GB video (ouch) edit it down into segments and then re-upload each one to Vimeo (ouch!) I’d like to use the direct links to the time each session started in the video. This is in the following format:

https:// /176138917#t=305s (without the spaces)

(please note: this isn’t the conference :grin: it’s just a random public Vimeo video!)

YouTube offers something similar. When I enter this into a Video URL field in my spreadsheet and set the video component to display whatever is in Video URL, the displayed video is simply the VImeo video at 00h00m00s - i.e. the video doesn’t reflect the #t=NNNs parameter.

If anyone has a way around this, I’m all :ear: :ear:t3:

I’ve tried to do this as a URL and display that in a webview component, but it doesn’t play nicely…

This is working for me in Web Embed.