Do not see full screen vimeo videos

Hello, a pleasure to greet you,

I’m making a fitness app, and I use vimeo for the videos, but I have a problem, when playing the video it plays in full screen, and I don’t want this to happen. Since I need the user to be able to see the video and the information of the exercise he is doing.

Can you help me to understand how to make the vimeo video not play in full screen?

Thank you

Are you using a video component to show the video?

Yes, I am using it, as well as the embedded component, but the same thing keeps happening to me

It sounds like your video links are to the Vimeo video player for your videos and not the direct link to the video. Take a look at this document from Vimeo on how to get the direct link to the video. Direct links to video files – Help Center. You can also Google vimeo direct link to video, which is how I found the Vimeo docs.

Alternatively, you can store your videos directly in Glide, but you should compress them as much as possible to save on file space. I use a tool called Handbrake, which is a UI shell for FFmpeg, so you don’t need to look up the command line parameters of FFmpeg.


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