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Hi everyone, hope you are great !

I have created a fitness web app with glides and I would like to personalise the user experience by offering to people a suggestion of workouts based on their criteria.

Do you know how can I do it ?

Thanks in advance !


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As long as all the criteria lives in the user profile sheet, then you can provide an inline list of all workouts filtered by that User>Criteria.

All depends what your algorithm is for meeting the condition.


Adding to what Robert said, I think the structure you can use is:

User Profiles: have a column to house all preferred criteria. You can do this with a choice component and allow multiple selections.

Workouts: assuming a workout can have multiple criteria attached to it, you also have one column for that, with a comma-delimited list of criteria for each workout.


  • Use a split text column on each of those 2 columns above.
  • Create a multiple relation from the split text column in User Profiles table to the split text column in workouts table.

Display that relation in an inline list to the user.