Personalised program

Hello !

I created a fitness app that references and filters the best classes I select from youtube.

I’m looking to make a system that depending on what people choose as:

  • workout duration
  • number of workouts per week
  • if they have equipment

Propose a “tailor-made” program in the form of an agenda according to the criteria they have chosen…
Have you ever done this type of thing?

I’ve created something similar, as a pool/billiards training app, where I pulled youtube videos together into a training schedule. This is sequential, not filter based like you are saying ,but just thought I’d share.

I know that @Lin_Altshuler has a very elaborate workout app. Maybe she can offer some tips or advice :slight_smile:

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It’s just a matter of matching the user’s profile (duration, workouts, equipment) to the “attributes” or columns of your workouts, in a different table.

We recently did that in an app that has dozens of attributes, it matches veterans to resources.
Veterans fill out a huge profile, and then we match them with the appropriate resources.

This might help:

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