Need help with my education app!

Hello, how can i make such an algorithm in glide?
If user is on a definitive screen in app - App shows only that items, that categorized for his
“School class”.
For example: a student is in 1C, then he need to look for his homework in app → He goes to a
some day (Monday) → then he gets only his subjects and homework, that are categorized
for his class.
A question is: how can i do that? Thanks

If you have user profiles enabled and you have a user profile sheet with all of the students, then you could have a column that lists each student’s class. Then you should be able to use that class from the user profile to filter your homework list. Each student will only see their own homework in the filtered list.

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Ok, but if i use in filter on a some page for example (If 1C - then show the class 1C?) How i can use that thing
in my case? It does not show anything if i do that.
Thanks for reply:)

Do you have a screenshot of your filters and some of your data? It should be comparing the the class in the homework sheet to the class in the user profile.

My app is in russian, but i think i can explain the algorithm of my app.

  1. Choose the class
  2. Choose the day and some events (Teachers messages for a special class)
  3. Then we’ve finally got to the needed place with different subjects
    My purpose is to do it in such way, that it can show the student with the chosen class the needed info. I’ve searched for (“If then else” - If 1C → Then use filter for 1C). to make this, but couldn’t find sadly:(
    P.s. i almost forgot! I can publish an app and leave a link here

I’ve just understood what you’ve wrote. Now trying to do that :slight_smile:

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Unless I misunderstood myself. Will the user’s have to sign in, or is it a public app?

Yea, he will need that:) I’ve opened an app, to let you use it without registration

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Got it. Let me know if you run into any trouble.

I’ve watched some videos from glide, but didn’t understand what to do, so went here firstly to ask about solution to my problem.

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Worked! Thanks!!!

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